Damon Royster

Damon Royster has studied improv and comedy writing at The Second City and iO Chicago. He wrote, directed, and starred in several sketch shows in Chicago. As well as being part of the LGBT improv team Baby Wine at the Annoyance Theater. Damon teaches at The Second City for writing and improv. He was a 2017 recipient of Second City's prestigious Bob Curry Fellowship. And a 2020 recipient of OutFest's screenwriting fellowship.

Dina Facklis

Dina Facklis is the founder of The Chicago Improv Den and the ensemble Virgin Daiquiri. She's been doing this for 25 years but still ain't no expert.

Her style: She's a side-coacher and believes you don't get off stage until you've had some success up there.

Emma Pope

Originally from Washington DC, Emma moved to Chicago in 2011 to "try an improv class" and, well... it was a hit. She has improvised at theaters all over the city, and is an alum of the Second City Touring Company and MainStage. Emma loves the intersection of comedy and heart that emerges so beautifully when we perform and connect from an open place.

Gregory Taylor Hill

Gregory Hill is an Ohio born actor/Improvisor/ cartwheeler. He is a DIOversity recipient and a founding member of Studio 11. Gregory toured nationally with Catharsis Productions. His one man show "The Best Little Black Boy in the World" also found national acclaim in his mother's heart.

Katie Klein

Katie Klein began performing in Washington DC, with iMusical at the Washington Improv Theater and with friends at the DC Improv. She then moved to Chicago and trained at iO and Second City. She is a recent alumni of the Second City e.t.c stage, writing and performing in two reviews: Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno, and previously A Red Line Runs Through It. She is a member of The Late 90’s, Virgin Daiquiri, Super Human and Ed and Kath.

Kevin Knickerbocker

Kevin began performing in Texas at age 5 as Forgetty the Elephant in the Beaumont KIDmunity Players' production of The Friendship Club. In Chicago he's taught and coached improv, written, directed, and produced shows, was briefly the Creative Director at the iO Theater, and was/is lucky to be a part of lots of great improv teams and theaters: DMNK at the Upstairs Gallery, Meridian at iO, and Susan and Horsefly at CiC.

Laurel Krabacher

Laurel Krabacher is an alumni of the ETC stage and the touring company at The Second City where she also teaches improv and sketch comedy. She worked with TJ and Dave on two sketch revues for The Mission Theater and was a resident instructor for The Chicago Improv Den. She has performed and taught throughout Chicago for the past nine years.

Lawrence Collerd

Lawrence has been performing and teaching improv for ten years. Previously he taught beginning and advanced improv at the Den and iO, as well as corporate and student workshops across the country. Before the world ended, he performed at iO and CIC. He and his wife Laurel perform together as Cherry Street, which is his favorite.

Meghan Babbe

Meghan has been teaching and performing improv in Chicago for over ten years. Meghan is a member of Second City's National Touring Company and is also a contributing writer for Reductress and an Onion Features contributor.

Neil Jacobsen

Neil is a teacher, coach, and performer with the iO theater and The Chicago Improv Den in the city. He has performed at just about every improv venue in Chicago, even a fair number that don't exist anymore. His favorite performances are with his wife Katie, as their alter egos Ed and Kath.

Phylicia McLeod

Phylicia McLeod has taught workshops throughout the Country with the improv group Matt Damon Improv. She was a teacher at Second City Chicago. She coached the iO Harold team Artemis. She taught herself Tarot Cards.

Rosie Chevalier

Rosie is a writer, teacher, and comedy/arts administrator. She has contributed writing to Trump’s America: Buy This Book and Mexico Will Pay for It, RobotButt, and various theatrical publications. She teaches writing, acting, and improv to kids and teens. Rosie has worked with The Second City, Chicago Dramatists, 826CHI, Actors Theatre of Louisville, and Shattered Globe Theatre, where she is an Ensemble Member. She loves haunted stuff, musicals, and dogs.

Yazmin Ramos

Yazmin is a performer//instructor based in Chicago, IL. She performs regularly at the Annoyance Theatre and across the country with Matt Damon Improv (an all WOC satirical improv group). She recently performed in a residency with The Second City’s SHE THE PEOPLE at Boston’s Huntington Theatre Company. She is an Improv/Acting Instructor at The Second City Training Center and has taught improv workshops at festivals in Kansas City, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Boston, and more.